Eco-friendly packaging Materials

Sustainability means to use materials and produce products, which have a better environmental impact. To reach this objective, we are focusing on a circular economy, that means reusing and recycling of products and materials. This approach enables the reduction of producing new material as well as disposal and lowers the environmental impact. This approach also follows the EU-strategy to reach prescribed recycling shares ((EU) 2018/851).

Sustainability initiatives and goals

In contrast to recycling, biodegradability of packaging is not in line with sustainability, because there is still the initialproduction effort, but no advantage in the end-of life, because the material is used once and then lost. Especially for countries with a working recycling system it isn’t a long-term solution.

For these reasons, we have decided to focus on following sustainable & recyclable packaging solutions which fit the circular economy approach:

<span>Eco-friendly packaging</span> Materials
<span>Eco-friendly packaging</span> Materials
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Recycled PET (r-PET)

What is recycled PET plastic?
  • Made from water & drinking bottles, e.g. from deposit systems
  • Foodgrade and recyclable
  • Offers similar performances to virgin PET
  • In line with EU goals and goals from National Plastic Pacts
  • Stimulating a circular economy
  • Most sustainable choice is to go for clear rPET, because it can be valuable recycled.

The discolouration of the recycled PET may vary from one batch to another.


Recycled HDPE (r-HDPE)

What is recycled HDPE plastic?
  • Made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials
  • Recyclable
  • Offers similar performances to virgin HDPE but is not food grade
  • In line with EU goals and goals from National Plastic Pacts
  • Stimulating a circular economy

Bio based HDPE

What is bio based HDPE plastic?
  • Biobased material, not biodegradable or compostable
  • Made of bioethanol extracted from sugarcane plants
  • Food grade and recyclable together with virgin HDPE
  • Offers similar technical performances to virgin HDPE
  • Possible use of Braskem’s I’m Green logo

Increase in global demand for Bio-based PE adds pressure to the raw material availability and must be assessed at the time of each new project.



What is Glass?
  • Material produced from a widely abundant natural resource: sand
  • Can be almost endlessly recycled
  • Glass cullet requires less energy to be melted
  • Remains as food grade
  • Recycled material has a very high quality level

Due to the rapid evolution of the sustainability into the packaging sector as well as local differences of recycling processes and law, information provided within this document are for information only.
We advise you to check your local regulation’s update.